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Right Bank: The City is a Poem

Guided Tours: Route #3

The route starts on the left bank, at the Galaktioni Bridge (built as Stalin Bridge) and leads via Jawakchishvili Street to Rustaveli Avenue. The writers of the past have long since found their place in the semiotics of the city. Because as has often been said “the city is a poem”, and as Victor Hugo put it better than anyone else.* Afterwards we walk up along Machabeli and Tschonkadze streets to Mtatsminda (Holy Mountain). The route ends at the Mtatsminda Pantheon where outstanding Georgian writers are buried – several streets and boulevards, monuments and even two bridges are named after them in Tbilisi. The tour is driven by curiosity for art, architecture and literature and brings out places associated with writers and poets: apartments, hotels and most famous literary clubs at the beginning of 20th century in Tbilisi, e.g. "Chimerioni".

Tour duration: up to 3 hours 30 minutes

* Article: Semiotics and Urbanism by Roland Barthes / Das Werk, Volume 58, Issue 4, 1971

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