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Right Bank: Signs and designations of the Soviet Union in Tbilisi 

Guided Tours: Route #2

The route starts on the right bank, at the Galaktioni Bridge (built as Stalin Bridge) and leads to the historical centre of the city, which was heavily destroyed during the civil war (1991-1992). Reliefs were removed from some monumental representative buildings like the former Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute (IMELI) or the Government palace. Where once a statue of Lenin was enthroned, there is now a golden sculpture of St. George. Then walk through the old town to the aluminium statue of the "Mother of Georgia". Even after Georgia's independence from the Soviet Union (1991) and the transition from a socialist planned economy to a capitalist market and the official interpretations of the attributes of the female statue remained unchanged, only her facial features were softened and a laurel wreath was added to her head.

Tour duration: up to 3 hours 30 minutes

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